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Are you ready for a better way to access quality pediatric healthcare?

Personalized Care

Your family is the priority, not insurance reimbursement or healthcare production metrics.

Home Visits

I will come to your home to provide care for your newborn.

Direct Physician Access

Any time, day or night, weekends or holidays—not a nurse triage system from out of state.

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1: a structure built over something so that people can get across. It goes from one place to another.

Where are you in your child’s healthcare journey?

What do you need to get across? Where are you going?

2: something that joins or connects different people or things  

Are you connected?

3: the place on a ship where the ship is steered

Would you like to join a team that equips you to confidently navigate your child’s journey of health and development? 

BridgeWay Pediatrics: Dad walking across a bridge with children




1: a method, style, or manner of doing something.

2: something that joins or connects different people or things  

Are you ready for a better way to access quality pediatric healthcare?



a specialty of medical science dedicated to caring for the health and development of children from birth to young adulthood, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic disorders. 

Developing children are influenced by biological, social, and environmental factors, and dysfunction in any of those areas impacts their development and overall health. Attention to both the details and the big picture are necessary to maximize health. Children differ from adults anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, and developmentally

Are you looking for direct access to pediatric expertise? 

Welcome to BridgeWay Pediatrics – the first and only pediatric direct primary care practice in Greenville, SC. Pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Shoaf believes quality medicine should be built on the relationships she has with her patients and their families.

What to Expect

Dr. Shoaf focuses on exceptional care, centered around your family’s busy schedule. This means direct access to your child’s physician, same- and next-day appointments, and extended office visits where she takes time to answer all your questions. She even sees newborns in the comfort of your home!

Our Story is Simple and Direct

  • Your child is not a number or a productivity metric. 
  • We are focused exclusively on quality care, not insurance reimbursement or production pressures
  • We provide simple and convenient scheduling
  • You have direct access to your doctor
  • We do in-home visits for newborns
  • You have no pressure with extended office visits
  • You can connect anytime, anywhere
  • We offer in-office medication dispensing

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My goal with BridgeWay Pediatrics is to create and maintain a practice environment where I can consistently know and treat each child or adolescent as a whole person, in the context of their family.

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