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Your membership is your personalized healthcare bridge from birth to young adulthood, from where you are now to wherever life’s adventure leads.

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BridgeWay Pediatrics provides high-quality comprehensive pediatric care for a low monthly cost, with no surprise fees for service.

As the Upstate’s only pediatric direct primary care practice, we believe that insurance companies should not dictate the level of care your child receives. Instead, we are a membership-based practice, which allows Dr. Shoaf to limit the number of patients she cares for so that she can provide abundant time to care for your child. There are no rushed visits!

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Personalized Care

Your family is the priority, not insurance reimbursement or healthcare production metrics.

Home Visits

I will come to your home to provide care for your newborn.

Direct Physican Access

Any time, day or night, weekends or holidays. When you call, we answer, not an a nurse triage system from our of state.

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Please contact us with your questions about pediatric direct primary care.

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The enrollment form used by our Electronic Health Record was designed for adults so please click “next step” at the bottom right of each page that is not applicable to children. There are very few required fields, so there is no need to type N/A for questions that do not apply to children.

  • Please proceed to the registration form below.
  • Step 1: Enter your child’s name as the patient, not yours.
  • Note: Anytime you see “You or Your”, that typically means the patient.
  • Lastly, click “Save and proceed to next step”.

The checkbox for “secondary medical insurance” means ANY medical insurance you would like to have on file for vaccines or services provided outside the clinic such as xrays, specialist referrals, etc.