Back to Basics of Pediatric Care

Restoring the simplicity of the doctor-patient relationship

Your membership is your personalized healthcare bridge from birth to young adulthood, from where you are now to wherever life’s adventure leads.

Personalized Care Centered On Your Child That Fits Your Family’s Schedule.

Exclusive benefits for BridgeWay Pediatrics members include:

Extended office visits

We don’t believe in rushing patients through a “revolving door” like many large pediatric practices. Instead, we take time to speak with you about your child’s progress, overall health and developmental milestones. Your appointments are your time, and we are dedicated to answering all your questions. You will never feel rushed at BridgeWay Pediatrics.

House calls

Yes, they still exist, and they are a service we’re proud to offer. You don’t have to bring your newborn to the doctor’s office. Dr. Shoaf will come to you to provide care for your newborn in the comfort of your home, allowing you more rest to recover and more time for your family to adjust to their new roles together.

Direct Physician Access

Any time, day or night, weekends or holidays. Contact your personal pediatrician directly —not a nurse triage system from out of state.

Convenient, same-day scheduling

When your child is sick, we want to know about it. That’s why our schedule works around yours. If your child needs to be seen, no problem. If we can answer your questions and provide reassurance without coming to the office, even better. It is about personalized care for your child!

Lactation Support Services

As any mother can testify, breastfeeding can be difficult! But it also has once-in-a-lifetime benefits in nutrition, immunity, development, and maternal bonding.  If your lactation support need exceeds Dr. Shoaf’s expertise, we work closely with Nourish Integrative Lactation and Wellness. Dr. Shoaf can see your baby at the Nourish office immediately before or after your lactation consultation whenever possible.

Medication Dispensing

When your child is sick, the last thing you want is a trip to the pharmacy. Let’s get your child home as soon as possible. That’s why we provide convenient, affordable medication dispensing from our office.

Personalized Care Centered On Your Child That Fits Your Family’s Schedule.

Pediatric Direct Primary Care (DPC)

The simple BridgeWay membership model pricing structure allows us to keep our practice small, thus providing a unique, personalized level of care.

  • We make the time to develop a trusting relationship with you
  • We care about and for your child’s unique medical needs.
  • Your child is not an insurance number or a production metric.
  • We serve your family the way you have always wanted from your pediatrician.

Have questions? I'm here to provide answers!

My goal with BridgeWay Pediatrics is to create and maintain a practice environment where I can consistently know and treat each child or adolescent as a whole person, in the context of their family.

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